Our Week in Weird: Still More What We Talk About When We Talk About Work

We place a lot of value in reflecting on the work we do, and what it means to our clients. It turns out there’s a lot of strange stuff that finds its way into our conversations during the work day.

This past week, for example, while talking about our clients’ events, products and media coverage, we also found ourselves talking about: recycling, chivalry, what to say to newly engaged couples, morning drinking, day drinking, rats, French fries, crawfish vomit, classification of nonalcoholic carbonated beverages, Sour Patch Kids, charcuterie, oxford commas, mason jar lids, in-ground tent pole holes, homophones, homonyms, heterographs, heteronyms, eating Chipotle three times in one day, smoothies, falafel, parking manners, parking garage navigation and deep space photography.

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