Our #FirstTweets

In honor of its 8th birthday, Twitter released a new tool where users can find their #FirstTweets. We’re game. Here are ours:

“Find us at www.himmelrich.com

“I figured this was the quickest way into the Library of #Congress.”

“Drinking coffee, creepin’ on bloggers”

“How do I find people I know?!”

“just painted one of matt’s old dressers my current favorite colors: gray & purple.”

“last day of the Examiner – one less opportunity for an old-school (but satisfying) experience”

“5 hours till the next plane leaves for bmore. #whataday

“no more playoff hockey on tv- upsetting”

“Finally figured out how to reset my password, I can use twitter now!”

“Why is it cold out on a day I decide to wear shorts?”

“finally made a twitter! #peerpressure”

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