Monday Morning Marketing

It was a good weekend for shopping. The weather wasn’t quite winter and not quite spring. There were lots of sales in some of our favorite stores. And it was a rare weekend when we didn’t have a client event.

As one of our alert associates walked the malls, he had an observation:

We talk a lot in the office about “transparency” and “privacy.” We know more about the personal lives of our clients, colleagues and associates than ever before because of what they choose to share online. We debate how “transparent” we need to be when promoting our clients or engaging in activities on their behalf, or in their name. We continually ask how transparent our clients should be in their marketing efforts.

This weekend at the mall illustrated just how transparent our lives have become. Is the expectation now that everything is public and transparent?

It must make us buy more soda when we can see every bottle stacked in a vending machine—even though they look the same and we are only buying one.

“Oooohhh… I want those!” Transparent shopping bags let us peek into other shoppers’ purchases—and perhaps, their lives, and suggest to us what we might like to own.

Does having the cart used for folding clothes in full view contribute to the perception that a store has a great customer service or is exceptionally organized—even when its not?

When did personal experiences and cosmetic enhancements, such as having your teeth whitened, become a public spectacle?

And why do we notice things like this? The answer to that question is easy: that’s how we think.

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