But Wait, There’s More

We are having conversations with candidates for our open Account Executive positions, and have been intrigued by the impression that applicants have of Himmelrich PR:  “It looks like you focus on event promotion.” We understand why someone unfamiliar with our work might get that impression; the events we promote—and the promotion we generate for those events—are public and visible.

Despite the common view that public relations needs to be transparent (see our post from this past Monday), some public relations activities are appropriate, and successful, when they are not apparent to everyone…

Such as making connections between clients and the media, or writing speeches for corporate executives. Or coordinating sponsorships or writing newsletters. We do all of that too, but we don’t talk (or write, or post) about it because our job is to promote our clients’ work, not ours.

Our conversations with job candidates have reminded us of our commitment to this. As a result, understanding their products and services may not always lead to understanding ours.

What you see is not always what you get.

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