Monday Morning Marketing: Form Follows Function

A few less walls. A lot more blinking lights. Plenty of places to chat.

It’s a new week, and we’re excited to start using the new renovations to our office space. A couple of walls are gone, making it easier for us to share (and shout) between spaces and levels. Our new server (installed so we could work quicker and more efficiently) has added a spaceship-esque-ness to our equipment room—lots of flashing lights and colorful wires! We’ve rearranged a bit and brought in some new furniture so there are now four dedicated and comfortable areas for collaboration and collective creativity.

The renovations are more than “easy” and “comfortable.” They reflect the changes in how we work and how we help our clients. There are more partnerships and less boundaries between PR (and our) functions. Everything happens quicker. With our office renovations, our form now follows our function.

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