Monday Morning Marketing: Extending the Experience

As is always the case on Monday mornings, we have been sharing stories about our weekend adventures: Preakness festivities, weddings, art shows, sports tournaments, museum visits, a baptism.  While recounting our personal stories of revelry, competition, culture and celebration of milestones, we are (as is always the case) reminded of our work.

Our recollection of our weekend experiences was prompted by the “takeaways” that extended the experiences beyond the race, the ceremony, or the exhibit. Our Black Eyed Susan cocktails at the Preakness were served in commemorative glasses so that at home, each cocktail, or glass of juice, or swig of milk could be a reminder of May 18, 2013. Guests at the wedding were presented with boxes of the bride and groom’s favorite candy so that for days after, the memory of the wedding would be (literally and figuratively) savored. At the museum, children participating in an interactive scavenger hunt recorded their results on personalized tally sheets, perfect for posting on a bedroom bulletin board or shared during classroom “show and tell” – another extension (and promotion) of the experience.

Today, some of us will be planning how we will “extend the experience” for a client’s customers at the six summer events we are coordinating for them around the country. The sunglasses, glow sticks and t-shirts do more than put our client’s logo in the hands (and on the bodies) of their customers: they remind their audience of the good time and positive feeling they had, create that all-important positive association, and extend the relationship beyond the moment of the event.

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