Know Your Audience

From our intern Catherine Rinaldo on the last day of her internship:

Throughout my internship at Himmelrich PR, I had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally through enriching experiences—I engaged in lively debates, participated in brainstorming meetings and supported the media effort in promoting a non-profit’s events. As I reflect on each of these experiences, I realize that many of our conversations in the office were focused on audience.

In a staff meeting, we debated a polarizing grammar issue and its importance (or lack of importance) to our clients’ audiences and ourselves. We discussed potential constituents of a new downtown development. And, I researched and created a list of media outlets to reach out to for a client’s event, based on the media that reached our intended audience.

As I reflect on the importance of defining your audience as an essential part of the communication of a message, I realize that it is necessary to reach that with “good thinking” based on that audience’s preferences, preconceptions and habits. I will leave my internship at Himmelrich PR with the ability to not only identify stakeholders but also how to creatively and effectively connect with them by using my own “good thinking.”

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