Happy New Year!

We threw ourselves a little New Year’s Eve celebration today. We have renewed our relationship with Sugarloaf Craft Festivals and, on Monday, will begin a new year of working with this long-time client.

We’re celebrating for many reasons. Obviously, we are flattered that Sugarloaf continues to value our work, and that our work helps them achieve their goals. Attendance and artist sales at all of Sugarloaf’s fine art and craft shows this past season was up over last year (some with more than 20% increases.)  We’re also celebrating our enhanced relationship with Sugarloaf. Eleven seasons ago, we simply promoted Sugarloaf’s 15 annual craft shows around the country; today, we have our hands in social media, exhibitor and visitor communications, institutional branding, and helping to shape the visitor experience at Sugarloaf shows.

While the increases are good, and the new projects are good, we are mostly celebrating why they are good. We are helping to support the thousands of talented American artists who make their living selling their unique, handcrafted items at Sugarloaf festivals. And that feels pretty good.

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