For the Fourth

We are fond of rituals, especially during holidays. That’s why we were looking forward to yesterday and our 4th of July traditions: beer and barbecue, rooftop parties to watch fireworks, parades, and lounging by the pool.

And work.

Some of us worked yesterday, on July 4th. It has become another one of our Independence Day rituals. We manage major corporate sponsorships for one of our clients with locations around the country. As a result, we coordinate their participation throughout the year in “big deal” events in major cities—events like state fairs, Christmas tree lightings, motocross shows and downtown holiday light displays.

And Fourth of July celebrations.

Yesterday, we coordinated five such sponsorships—in North Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and Pennsylvania. So some of us were in North Carolina and Missouri…

And we loved it.

Besides making sure that our client was well prepared and very visible (via more than 698 feet of logo’d banners and thousands of branded items), we loved spending time with some great people: our clients’ “in the field” employees and tens of thousands of people celebrating the holiday. It was a wonderful way to celebrate our nation’s birthday and celebrate what we do every day.

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