Cold Shudder Craft Show

This weekend’s Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Gaithersburg was featured in the Washington Post, Washingtonian Magazine and dozens of local newspapers, as well as in live segments on two DC TV stations. With tons of great press, expectations for show attendance were high … until we heard the weather forecast.

Poor weekend weather conditions are the bane of our existence when promoting shows and festivals … but not this weekend in Gaithersburg! Despite initial bouts of cold weather, attendance for the first two days was up more than 20% from last year… and then the temperature plummeted to freezing—never ideal for an outside show. Nonetheless, overall weekend attendance was still up and the cold weather didn’t stop visitors from reaching for their wallets, with sales up 17% from last year. Cold weather be damned! Nothing can stop the craft crowd from coming!

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