What We Talk About When We Talk About What We Talk About

This afternoon was one of “those” afternoons following a hectic week: lots of heavy sighs (as if finally being able to catch our breath), the sound of a week’s worth of coffee cups being washed, thoughtful replies to emails from earlier in the week.

On afternoons like this, someone always seems to start a conversation about our conversations – the weird and unusual topics that come up as part of our work for clients. This week, we talked (and researched, and debated, and wrote) about sriracha, flatulence, snow, veggie burgers, Berger Cookies, Law & Order SVU, Rush Limbaugh, popcorn, potato chips, smoked nuts (three different conversations), how much tip to leave at a bar, tipping over a canoe, how to milk a sturgeon, milk gallon smashing, Orioles great Eddie Murray, Yammer, the self-playing piano at South Station in Boston, cocoa solids and cocoa derivatives,  the height of loading docks, Bye Bye Birdie, the USMC bulldog mascot and the Marine who takes care of it, the calories in Wheat Thins vs. reduced-fat Wheat Thins, non-refrigerated vs. refrigerated bread, and male vs. female massage therapists.

Good discussions. Interesting topics. All in all, a nice week.

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