What We Do…17 Years Later

Today is Himmelrich PR’s 17th Anniversary. After more than 120 clients, many awards, many smart employees and many adventures, we’re struck by what we’ve accomplished—what we’ve done—in our 17 years. To celebrate our anniversary today, we will do what we do.

At 5 am, we coordinated a TV segment at a consumer show (we have another at 11, then again at 1). It’s what we do. We began our day together with donuts because that’s how we start every milestone. It’s what we do. We’ll be presenting 25 possible sponsorship opportunities to a client for events around the country. It’s what we do. We’ll be finalizing media for an event next weekend in Philadelphia and our agreement with a cool new client. It’s what we do. We’re shifting work and filling each other in to cover for a co-worker who is on Day 3 as a juror for a trial. It’s what we do.

We love doing what we do … and we’re going to keep doing it.

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 Yesterday’s prediction of today…             We’re good at predicting.

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