The Results Are In

The early returns are in. Here are the results of a midday poll in the office:

– 87% of us have already voted.
– Of those who have already voted, 80% voted today at a polling place and 20% completed absentee ballots.
– Of those who have or will vote today:
    – 50% voted before work, 35% voted at lunch, and 15% will vote after work.
    – The average distance from our homes to our polling places is 1.05 miles.
    – The average time we waited in line was 22 minutes.
    – 82% of us got a sticker after voting
    – 18% of us are bummed we did not get a sticker.
    – The average number of judges on our ballots was 6.
    – 100% of us voted as we had planned before entering the voting booth.
    – 100% of us are proud that we have an opportunity to make our voices heard and our opinions count.

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