The Friday Calm Before Next Week’s Storm

Despite our “leave early on Friday!” policy during the summer, we’re all still here. Next week will be BIG for many of our clients, and we’re making sure they’re ready and set to go. On their (and our) agenda next week:

– The Women’s Housing Coalition annual fundraising party is Monday night—a beautiful cicada-free garden party.

– Rabbi David Rosen, former Chief Rabbi of Ireland, will be the keynote speaker at the Institute for Christian & Jewish Studies’ 25th Anniversary Speaker Series Wednesday evening.

– The new identity we have been developing for a client will be presented for approval to its board of directors.

– We will be letting the media know about another client’s new brand identity introduction.

– The Maryland Science Center will host six special events and activities, including the ever-popular Carnival Science.

– We will be presenting a new marketing strategy to a long-time client, shifting the focus from product pitching to introducing the experience—because that’s what their new generation of customers want.

– One of our clients will sign contracts to be the title sponsor of six festivals in six markets across the country.

– We’ll renew our contract with a client to begin our sixth year of working with them.

Happy Friday!

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