Purple Friday (sort of)

We don’t think (or like to admit) that we may be typical, but today, in Baltimore, we are. Lots of us are wearing purple in support of the Ravens (although it’s interesting that some of the men chose not to for fear of disrespecting their other favorite teams).  What has been more interesting, though, is the debate in the office this morning about “purple.”

We are sticklers for details; we argue about punctuation waaay too much, and selecting just-the-right word for client copy often becomes a long staff meeting about word origin and intimation.  So this morning, when Account Coordinator Tony Fazio showed up in his “lucky purple playoff pants,” the debate began.

Those pants are blue. Or purple. Or are they lilac, and is lilac more purple than blue or more blue than purple? We pulled out the Pantone color chart to find the exact color. We made Tony stand in front of the window, and behind a lamp, and in the hallway so we could evaluate the situation in the best possible light. We argued about Tony’s objectivity in being part of the argument.  Unfortunately, after heated discussion and a war of color and words, we only came to one conclusion:

Go Ravens.

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