Plenty of Press for Planes

This weekend the Charm City Fly-In returns to Southwest Area Park but the sky isn’t the only place these model airplanes, gliders and helicopters have been seen.

Cameras captured the model aircrafts flying, gliding and soaring through the air all this past week. The Fly-In was the WBFF Hometown Hotspot on Monday morning. On Wednesday, the models lit up the early morning sky on WJZ’s People are Talking live segment. And, WBAL and WJZ shot some fly Fly-In footage today to be broadcast this weekend.

In addition, the Fly-In was also featured online and in print. A writer from the Arbutus Times talked with hobbyists and pilots who will be flying their planes this weekend and used a Go-Pro to shoot from the sky for an additional online video. The Baltimore Sun included the event in its b section and weekend insert’s Happenings section.

We’re looking forward to clear skies, light winds and heavy coverage this weekend.


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