Monday Morning Marketing: New Year, New Lists

Like many, we’re winding down from the holiday hustle and winding up our routines for 2013. And like most, we’re making our new year’s lists.

We’re creating national, regional, and local press lists for boat shows, crafts festivals, and home and garden shows. We’re listing senior centers whose programs and promotions we admire. We’re composing lists of blogs that our clients should know, blogs we should subscribe to, and blogs we just like to check out for fun. We’re listing potential media sponsorships for our clients and where our clients have been placed in the media. We’re making lists of thought leaders to follow on Twitter, recipes to pin, elected officials to invite to upcoming events, and potential intern candidates to ask to join us. We’ve been jotting down publications to subscribe to (and ones that we’re unsubscribing from), and organizations to join.

When we go home, we also go into list making mode: wedding guests and honeymoon destinations, music to download, races to run, and, now that the lockout is over, NHL games to attend. Our new-to Baltimore employees are making lists of neighborhoods they could see themselves living in, apartments to check out, and local restaurants to try. We’re listing books to read (in print and on Kindle), magazines to subscribe to, and social media platforms to join.

Now comes the fun part: crossing items off those lists.

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