My First Follow

From our spring semester intern Nina Krane:

During a group lunch on one of my last days at Himmelrich PR, I was asked to share my favorite moment from my four months as an intern. The memory that immediately came to mind was when I saw that a large and influential local nonprofit’s Twitter account started following the client I spent most of my time working on. I felt like the “follow” from this organization validated what I had been doing and that I had finally cracked the secret code of doing things right.

As I continued to think about my favorite moment, I was reminded of something else that reinforced this moment as my favorite. People in the office would often say that the work and the content we provide should never be about us, but instead, about our clients and their audiences; that what we need to provide is content that will make people pay attention, listen and take an extra interest in our clients. In remembering this, I realized that my favorite moment gave me the opportunity to see a new connection being forged in a community and helped me understand what “good thinking” means for our clients. I’m happy to leave this internship knowing that “good thinking” starts—but doesn’t end—with good work.

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