Monday Morning Marketing: Community

We spend a lot of time talking about “community”—and we spend a lot of time helping our clients achieve success by developing theirs: a community of artists and people who appreciate their work, a community of museum members who visit and contribute, a community of donors to non-profit organizations, lawyers and bankers offering their services and financial support to their community.

This past weekend, many of us noticed the power of community. As we spent a few days away from the office, we saw—and felt—the importance and value of bringing people together for a shared experience.

One of us saw his sister-in-law complete a triathlon. A community of athletes, with no relationship before 6:30 on a Sunday morning, offered each other support and encouragement. Strangers who passed each other along the race course sought each other after the race to offer congratulations. Families standing side by side along the route shared in each other’s pride.

One of us went to the Preakness and braved the infield party—a community of people seeking revelry, and finding it with 125,000 strangers.

One of us returned to his hometown to watch with former hockey teammates and high school classmates as the New York Rangers defeated the New Jersey Devils in game 3 of the NHL playoffs—a shared celebration.

One of us attended a funeral for a friend. A community of friends offered each other comfort and solace.

One of us saw Baltimore City high school students presented with college scholarships at a ceremony at the Maryland Science Center. One community, committed to rewarding inspiring students, met another community, which nurtured those students and enabled them to achieve that success.

One of us gathered the attendants for her Fall wedding and went searching for bridesmaid dresses—a community of friends preparing to mark a significant lifecycle event, and making the preparation memorable.

We read a lot of articles, coordinate a lot of activities, and connect with a lot of people to help create communities for our clients. This weekend, through our own lives and experiences, we were reminded of why it matters, as we all seek some congratulations and pride, revelry, comfort and solace, reward and nurturing, and happy memories.

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