In the Heat of the Moment

People love our office. They love the charm and character of the 135 year-old building and the cool renovations we’ve made to our space. They may not, however, have loved it this air condition-less week while we’ve been waiting for the replacement part to arrive for our HVAC system during unseasonably warm weather. This week has been filled with hot lessons learned.

We faced the moral dilemma of making phone calls to media with fans blowing in our ears or risk the wrath of co-workers enjoying the fan’s breeze. We learned that newspapers and fans do not mix well (or more precisely, that blowing fans easily mix up the pages and sections of newspapers). We discovered that leather chairs conduct heat.  We were reminded of our convenient proximity to a major highway and a light rail station—which has been an ever-present din through our rarely-open windows.

We’re always looking for opportunities to learn but we’re ready for that replacement part to arrive.

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