How We Work


Credibility counts.
Diligence Works
Results matter.

Because of our varied clients and vast experiences, we bring a distinctive and appropriate set of skills to every project.  We recognize the increasing competition and changing marketplace facing business owners. We see the trends and patterns of public shows and consumer events. We know the strategic direction and tactical responses that large corporations need in order to address complex issues.  We understand the daunting demands and challenges facing non-profit organizations and new businesses.

Himmelrich provides the vision, strategic thought, planning, and practical solutions that enable our clients to reach their goals  – be it signing up new members, generating attendance, selling a product, or changing opinions. mircette

We quickly analyze and understand situations and objectives… and just as quickly develop thoughtful and realistic plans.  And when it’s time to do the work, we do it – without a lot of unnecessary talk, hidden charges or self-serving accolades.

We value honesty, creativity and thoughtfulness – in our clients, our work, our relationships with vendors, our contacts with the media and each other.

Sure, we’ve won lots of local and national awards for our work, but what matters most to our clients – and therefore, to us – is what they’ve won: industry respect, customer and client recognition and successful results.

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