Here Come the Crafts!

The ink is dry on the contract—for the seventh year, we will be promoting the Sugarloaf Craft Festivals! We love promoting the Festivals and the artists because we know how much craft-lovers enjoy the shows and how much the artists rely on them for their livelihood. But we also love how much fun we have working on each show. We’re looking forward to:

-sampling tons of delicious food from gourmet food purveyors, especially taste testing salsa, wine slushies and sugar-free powdered drink mixes
-animated conversations with artists about things we don’t know, like the temperature at which glass melts (between 900°F and 3000°F) and where to find the best meteorites for jewelry (apparently,  it’s in Arizona)
-holiday shopping in October…and November…and March…
-road trips up and down the coast with stops at casinos, barbecue restaurants and Ethiopian eateries
-seeing how many convenience stores we can get to in an hour as we collect newspapers that feature articles about our clients

Bring on the crafts!

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