Happy Clients = Happy Monday

Visitors were busy with boats in Baltimore and customers were crazy for crafts in Chantilly, Virginia at our two successful client events this past weekend! Attendance at both the Baltimore Boat Show and the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival in Chantilly were up—17% at the Boat Show and 3% at the Sugarloaf show.

In addition to high attendance at the shows, each also had many mentions in the media. WBFF, WBAL, WJZ and WMAR were shooting all weekend on site at the Boat Show and The Daily Record, Jewish Times and Baltimore Sun ran articles and features last week. Virginia papers, including the Alexandria Gazette, Alexandria Times, and Culpeper Times, featured articles about the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival’s many local artists and WKTV interviewed multiple artists and visitors at the show on Friday.

Successful shows mean happy clients, and happy clients mean: Happy Monday!



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