Glad Tidings

We’re beginning the holiday weekend and ending the year in a festive mood. In the past few days, many of our clients have spread their good news—some good holiday cheer—with us. We are pleased that we have had a role in their success.

– Record attendance and sales at two of Sugarloaf Craft Festivals’ fall shows

– A $2 million construction grant awarded to the Maryland Film Festival for the renovation of the Parkway Theater in Station North.

– La Cuchara, the Basque restaurant in Hampden/Woodberry, was one of only two restaurants named in the Daily Beast’s designation of Baltimore as a 2016 Hottest Destination, was listed as a Top Ten New Restaurant in City Paper, and was cited in Baltimore Magazine’s “Best Eats of 2015.”

Joy to the world. And to our clients.

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