Boats + Snow = Media?

The New England Boat Show begins this weekend and move-in is this week—800 boats being loaded into the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center… in the middle of a historic month of snow. Today, in the midst of our move-in media pitching, a boat got stuck in a snow bank…in the middle of downtown Boston. Yeah, that happened.

Here’s what happened with us: we jumped on the phone with every TV station and newspaper in Boston to make sure that if they were going to report that a boat was tying up traffic in downtown Boston, they should report where the boat was headed. Yeah, PR works.

Within an hour, all four Boston TV stations mentioned that the New England Boat Show opens this weekend. A daily paper that was “thinking about writing a piece” is now writing a piece for tomorrow’s paper. We’ve spent all afternoon trying to capture all the online mentions of the boat—and the boat show! And, the show’s Twitter and Instagram gained as many followers in a couple of hours as they usually did in three weeks!

We’re sorry, Boston commuters. We’re sorry, owner of the stuck boat. But we’re just doing our job…well.

boat stuck
Photo courtesy of Twitter user @dhack21

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