An Introduction and An Anniversary

Today marks new Account Associate Kate Estes’ fourth week at Himmelrich PR. To celebrate the occasion, it’s about time we introduced her:

Kate is obsessed with two things: news and to-do lists.

Kate’s natural (or perhaps unnatural) curiosity drives her to immerse herself in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, blogs and social media. As for the lists, whether it is ‘develop press list’ or ‘do laundry,’ Kate thrives on the satisfaction that comes from crossing off a task. Her appetite for media and compulsive planning are what makes her effective at supporting the public relations and marketing activities that meet our clients’ goals.

Previously, Kate worked with small business clients on behalf of an online marketing software company and held positions with two regional public relations firms. She holds a bachelors degree in public relations from York College of Pennsylvania.

Welcome, Kate!

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