A Week as an HPR Intern

After working as interns at Himmelrich PR for over a month, we’ve come to realize that each day can be completely unlike the previous. Unexpected phone calls from media, heated office-wide debates, and meetings with clients from Baltimore and all around the country make our work here exciting and present us with invaluable opportunities. Here are some highlights from our week:

We spent the morning exploring the Maryland Science Center, pressing buttons, lifting levers, seeing a planetarium show and letting our curiosity lead the way, reminding us of MSC’s dedication to education in addition to just fun.

intern field trip to MSC - Jul 8 14

Wednesday, we began our day with the weekly staff meeting, which, as usual, was as an opportunity for everyone to reflect, discuss, argue, and inform. We engaged in conversations about big concepts like the integrity of businesses to lighter subjects such as Baltimore’s best frites.

We participated in a “Brown Bag Lunch” hosted by the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance, where we learned about navigating and utilizing its new website and connected with other young professionals.

We learned about branding, identity, logos and historical signage during a meeting for a client’s upcoming building development project.

We enjoyed a tasting (or more like a feast) at one of our client’s restaurants that included four cocktails and dishes such as veal cheeks, tuna tartare, polenta bread pudding and blueberry lemonade.

We celebrated a birthday in the office with lunch, coffee and cookies from a local café, as well as some fun conversation about the merit of Comedy Central.

We finished our week at the finish line of a tough, yet rewarding 5K that we helped promote, and, of course, took some selfies to document our accomplishment.

Bridges 5k - Jul 11 14

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